As Wiki pages are easier to update, correct or extend, I started to move my blog to a Wiki site. The transition is in progress, but updates will only be made over there. The wiki pages do not have the final content yet, but they can be helpful as well:

Water Shader Wiki Site

Recent time’s rushing technical development made our life easier and more comfortable. Innovation is even more significant in the computer world, especially among the different kind of graphic cards. The brand new shader technologies made several techniques possible which became basis of new water rendering techniques in movies, computer games and other different kind of terrain creation. These new water simulations make the virtual realities more and more alive.

I introduce the latest water shader approaches on the following pages. Please, feel free to comment the articles! Every remarks and suggestions are welcomed!

Today’s HWS (Habib’s Water Shader)

Beach wave formation

Specular reflection settings

Different Fresnel term approximations

General demos

Demonstrating the main steps of the water effect

  1. Adding a plane which reflects everything above it
  2. Get the plane in motion by some ripples
  3. Set the ration between reflection and refraction on the plane
  4. Adding some dull color to make the water dirtier
  5. Ready 🙂

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Verry Cool shader code is it possible that i can implant your metod in my game you will be credit in full for it
all a demo with a source will be fine i will convert to xna for you send back to you
you can look at my website here
the game demo is for use in the xna dreambuildplay combo this year 2008
hope to here from you i have att my private mail at this but you can all write to me at the mail at my website
best regards
Michael Hansen

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